Small Biz Cash Flow management via funding

" Urgent cashflow to get us SME's through uncertain times"

· Cash Flow loans for Clients - most small businesses are starting to see the effect on their business and revenues and may need working capital assistance in 3 months . BUT , that might be too late to get them the maximum cash flow funding as it will be assessed on a monthly average . It's best for small business to look at it now and get the approvals in place before the need arises;

· As a small business you need a commitment from your finance broker to keep working with you to ensure that they review your facility frequently and strategise to get them into products and facilities that lower the borrowing cost; and

· Being proactive now will save you and your small business from the frustration of dealing with funders when everyone is clogging up the system and lenders revise their risk appetite .

Ash and Vijay of Winquote have a small window of opportunity to be of help, so call them when you can, and get your working capital needs in place now!

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