NSW Rental Evictions and COVID-19

The NSW State Govt has released an update on residential property tenants and a freeze of 60 days for rental evictions, effective immediately. This means for the next 60 days, landlords will not be able to issue an eviction notice to tenants AND enter into good faith negotiations with their tenants for rent reductions.

For tenants to avail of this benefit, there are eligibility requirements which come down to being impacted by COVID-19 to the extent of a loss or reduction of income of at least 25% or more. If there are several members renting within the household, the COVID-19 impact tesst applies to the total household income, inclusive of any Government assistance, such as the new JobKeeper payments.

Tenants will need to provide (show) proof that they have been impacted by COVID-19 which could include proof of job termination, Govt income support or proof of prior and current income.

The NSW Govt have produced several excellent flow charts and Q&As with worked examples. These should all be read and have been loaded here.

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