Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Clearly we are all aware of Coronavirus and what it is doing to our health system and economy. But do you know what help there is out there for small business and sole traders. Contact Steve to get your free copy of our Coronavirus Survival Guide which covers the Federal Governments stimulus package (both tranches) and the NSW State Governments stimulus package along with our assessment of the "takeaways" of each component. The guide also covers the ATO's response and concessions, the bank's response, concessions and some unfortunate implications, HR and employment issues related to coronavirus as well as some implications in relation to commercial insurances.

Also we will put you on our mail out list for our upcoming "supplement" which will cover future stimulus packages, potential strategies for your small business, additional ATO administrative concessions (like deferral or cancellation of existing payment plans), company administration and liquidation (insolvency) issues and what to look out for in your business to protect your other assets (like your family home).

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