Most of us are now aware that the world will likely change forever post Coronavirus and with this, your business plan. You should start to review your current business plan with Coronavirus in mind with three main goals in mind.

1. First and foremost, getting through coronavirus and keeping your business afloat;

2. Looking to take advantages of changes in the economy and business now with the view to coming out of this epidemic stronger; and

3. Reviewing your business model now for permanent changes in the business world going forward.

With the above in mind, I have secured a 3 month free trial of software to help your formulate a coronavirus specific business plan and after the 3 months a permanent 15% discount to ongoing subscription fees. Further to this, for clients of The Diligent Group Advisory Services or any associate, I will offer my business planning services at a heavily discounted rate with fees deferred till October 1, 2020 to help clients make it through. Simply contact me about this and I can get this moving for you.

In addition attached is an excellent article from Gartner which provides fabulous insights and guidance re taking advantage of opportunities under challenging unpredictable conditions. I would like to thank Wassim Soliman CEO of Winning Formula for providing this to me for my clients.

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